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Innovator, artist, perfectionist…these are the three words that best describe Marcus Doss. Doss leads the frontier of black hair styles by competing in numerous hair competitions and showing off his cutting edge hair design. Whether Doss is working with color, weaves, or his new specialty extensions, he is an artist in his own right. You can find him working on clients and teaching his staff at the Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville North Carolina.

Doss’s hair designs are not limited to the normal styling of tresses. Doss is self-trained and has a supernatural ability to perform the most intricate hair designs. He is a master of the most modern, cutting edge black hair styles such as; the Mohawk and Twist Hair Designs. Doss has the eye of an artist and has a keen awareness when considering which hair styles and colors are most complementary to his client’s face shape and skin tones. He is able to exceed his hair salons client expectations and wishes, while making each woman look her personal best.


Doss considers his specialty to be hair extensions. Extensions allow individuals to explore new looks without permanently changing their hair. They also allow ladies to change their hair without having to wait the tedious, long process of treating and conditioning hair and exerting patience while it grows to a longer length. Extensions also allow the wearer to have the hair texture that they have always yearned for. Extensions are available in all colors and textures, whether it is wavy, straight or curly. Doss’s extensions stand out above the crowd, looking smooth, natural and never showing track lines.

Doss’s styles are not limited to Fayetteville North Carolina. His styles have been in several publications, including; Hype Hair Magazine, Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine, and Universal Salons Hair Style and Salon guide. This innovator of black hair styles is sure to have a larger than life future ahead of him. Whether he is competing in hair competitions, styling hair for magazines and clients or opening new salons, Marcus Doss is on the forefront of the hair industry. When you step into one of his hair salons, you will leave looking stylish and your best.

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